ARKEMA is one of the world leaders in specialty materials. Based on its experience in material formulation, ARKEMA leads part of its R&D efforts on battery materials for current technologies as well as for next generations.

With 1,600 R&D researchers located in 16 R&D centres located in Europe, Asia and North America, ARKEMA promote and develop strong relationship with partners and customers in order to propose state-of-the-art technology solutions to support new energies development.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Based on its expertise on fluorinated polymers, ARKEMA will develop and provide adapted electrodes binders for solvent free processes and other materials used in Lithium-ion electrodes.
As a material supplier, ARKEMA will also provide lab quantity of electrolytes to the project with high purity LiFSI salt, which is mandatory to meet high performances requirements.
With its experience of working through collaborations and partnership, ARKEMA will make the link between the different parts of components involved in electrodes and Li-ion cell.