LeydenJar Technologies



Society requires electric vehicles with longer driving ranges and smart phones with increased functionality. And tackling climate change requires humanity to electrify new modalities of transportation, such as electric powered airplanes. The current lithium ion batteries that sustain our lives aren’t equipped to power this future.

LeydenJar (LJT), based in The Netherlands, develops a battery technology with an energy density of 1400 Wh/L, or about 70% more then what one would find in state-of-the-art smart phones or electric vehicles. The secret lies in LeydenJars thin battery anodes, produced using a patented process that enables using 100% pure porous silicon. Beyond providing a record high energy density in batteries, these thin anodes enable an 85% lower CO2 footprint, significant cost savings and high charge rates.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

LeydenJar specializes in pure silicon anodes using a PECVD-based production process. As such, LJT will contribute anode foils with different morphologies of pure silicon anodes and knowledge on how to integrate these anodes into large format cell designs. These pure silicon anodes enable battery technology with a world-record energy density.