Speira GmbH


Speira is a leading global recycler and manufacturer of advanced rolled aluminium products, producing approximately one million tons per year. The company operates seven manufacturing facilities and a R&D center across Germany and Norway, including Alunorf, the world’s largest aluminium rolling mill. Speira has more than 5000 employees serving some of the most well-known companies in the global automotive, packaging, printing, engineering, building and construction industries.

At Speira it has been long recognized that modern battery technology demands high-performance materials, and an early start was made on developing customized aluminium alloys that push battery technology forward. Today, the company is a supplier to leading global battery manufactures and offers an extensive product portfolio that covers the entire spectrum from battery electrode foils to cell connectors, heat exchangers, and housing materials.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Speira is responsible for the battery cathode foil development within the greenSPEED project. With its technical expertise and sophisticated process control in the field of aluminium foil manufacturing, Speira will design the current collector foil performance to ensure the best possible combination of surface properties, mechanical strength, high conductivity and feasible volumetric energy density. Further, Speira will support the optimization of the interaction between the cathode-mass and the aluminium foil surface and provide lab services in mechanical testing and chemical analysis to the project consortium.