Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW)


ZSW is one of the leading institutes for applied research in the areas of photovoltaics, hydrogen, renewable fuels, battery technology, fuel cells and energy system analysis. There are currently around 320 scientists, engineers and technicians employed at ZSW sites in Stuttgart, Ulm and Widderstall, Germany.

Since over 30 years, ZSW in Ulm conducts applied research and development along the entire value chain for batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen – from materials to systems and safety testing. The focus is on transferring scientific findings and technologies into market-relevant products. Cooperations with partners from industry and research institutes cover the whole range from laboratory to industrial-like scale and field tests.

Role and Key Contribution to the Project

Within the project greenSPEED, ZSW is leading the work package “Cathode – Active Material & Green Processes”. ZSW is in charge of developing a pioneering solvent-free extrusion process for LIB cathodes and its transfer into an industrial-suited roll-to-roll manufacturing process. Experimental work is accompanied by the development of a digital twin of the process. By design-of-experiments based on artificial intelligence, the number of necessary experiments will be reduced and the whole process chain for LIB cathodes will be optimized. Furthermore, ZSW is responsible for the integration of electrodes and electrolytes into multi-layer pouch cells and their electrochemical performance testing.