28. – 29. June, 2023 | Eindhoven, Netherlands

The greenSPEED consortium recently met for its second General Assembly Meeting in Eindhoven, Netherlands, hosted by LeydenJar Technologies. During the hybrid meeting, which marked the endof the first project year, our greenSPEED partners shared their findings on a variety of topics ranging from pure battery components and their interactions to the potential impacts of each choice in composition and production on cell performance, ultimately leading to a focused future strategy.

Recapping greenSPEED’s First Project Year

With the first year of the greenSPEED project behind us, we have come together to reflect on the progress of the project so far. Throughout the year, the partners have worked to improve the sustainability of electrode materials and to address the challenges of performance, efficiency and scalability. Key topics included material definitions, tuning and optimising parameters in new processing steps, creating an initial cell generation and extrapolating future impact.

More specifically, all the specifications for our cell were defined, which provided the necessary framework for our teamwork. From an anode processing perspective, two strategies were chosen: a dry and a water-based one. The base components are optimised for these different processing techniques. And the later pre-lithiation process is also emphasised. The cathode material for dry processing is characterised and first sample electrodes are produced with satisfactory results. An initial generation of greenSPEED cells will be built based on the results of the first year of the project. The supporting topics, modelling of the cell components and setting up the framework for production cost evaluation and sustainability, are ongoing. The challenge here is clearly to provide the necessary information in time for the later decisions.

Planning for the Future

Our second General Assembly Meeting was used for in-depth discussions on the next steps and the future roadmap. Key focus areas for the coming months include:

  1. greenSPEED is actively seeking partnerships with industry leaders, research institutions, partner initiatives and policymakers. Together with the Battery Heroes, we have big plans!
  2. Through continuous innovation, greenSPEED aspires to overcome remaining challenges, optimise manufacturing processes, and push the boundaries of electrode technology.
  3. Being able to already demonstrate the first project results with an initial generation of batteries, the greenSPEED consortium is looking forward to the first Review Meeting at the beginning of 2024.

Toasting to Innovation at greenSPEED’s Social Event

The dinner was an opportunity to reflect on the first day and share ideas and anecdotes. In a warm and welcoming atmosphere , the evening was filled with laughter, engaging conversation and shared experiences. The dinner showcased local cuisine and produce and was a fantastic end to a successful day.

While the social event brought a lot of fun, it also played a crucial role in strengthening the collaborative spirit within the greenSPEED consortium. Joint activities always create opportunities to connect on a personal level, encouraging a sense of community and cooperation. These activities reminded us that while striving for sustainability and innovation is vital, it is equally important to build relationships and celebrate shared achievements.

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