25. – 26. January 2023 | Lyon, France

Salut Lyon! Recently our greenSPEED consortium came together in the beautiful city of Lyon for the first General Assembly Meeting hosted by Arkema. We used this hybrid meeting to recap the 6 months and discuss upcoming activities and important project milestones.

What is greenSPEED?

greenSPEED is an EU-funded research project aiming to revolutionise battery production in Europe. By reducing energy consumption, lowering the carbon footprint, achieving ZERO emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and hence reducing costs, greenSPEED is leading the way towards a more sustainable future for battery cells.

What are the results of the meeting?

At the hybrid meeting, we discussed the latest developments in the greenSPEED project, our future plans, and shared our vision for a successful project implementation. The main achievements from the first six project months can be summarised as follows:

  • Definition of automotive requirement for our central project result- the greenSPEED battery cell
  • Definition of anode formulation with a high silicon content and innovative binder materials
  • Progress review in setting up VOC free dry coating process for the cathode
  • Work towards digitalisation of battery production process by accessing machine data as input for machine learning algorithms

What can you expect in the next months?

The first General Assembly Meeting was a significant step towards green and sustainable processes for electrode production. We will further work on our objectives to:

  • Increase energy density by 69%,
  • Reduce energy consumption by 32% and
  • Reduce costs by 21%.

Stay tuned to see how the assembling of the first lab-scale cells with the developed high-silicon anode and high-Ni cathode progresses. The first setup of an electro-mechanical digital twin for the cell for simulative assessment of cell behaviour will be established and it will become clear whether artificial intelligence and machine learning can really enhance the dry coating process.

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