03. October, 2023 | San Sebastián, Spain & online

The Battery Heroes (consisting of NoVOC, BatWoMan, GIGAGREEN and greenSPEED) gathered together for a preparatory workshop for the upcoming TRA in April 2024. Organising and hosting hybrid meeting are always a challenge, but our NoVOC colleagues made sure the workshop was very productive and a success. 

Overcoming the Challenges of Hybrid Meetings

Hybrid meetings have become an important aspect of our professional lives, especially during COVID, as they offer both convenience and flexibility. However, they also come with their own challenges, such as ensuring equal participation and engagement for both face-to-face and online participants, or technical equipment (such as video or audio). For the Battery Heroes workshop, we used technology to our advantage. Our NoVOC colleagues provided high quality audio and video equipment to ensure that online participants could follow the meeting. They also used a collaboration tool to bridge the gap by allowing online participants to actively participate, which further offers features like voting and commenting. This helped us to prioritise ideas and encourage feedback, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.

The result? A board full of fantastic ideas, thumbs-up and hearts. The workshop supported the creative process, improved teamwork within the cluster and ultimately helped us turn ideas into actionable plans. We now have a clearly structured action plan fand are looking forward to working on them.

Stay Tuned

We have some big things coming up so make sure to keep up to date and follow the battery heroes to find out more!

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